May 30, 2012

This year, Hiking Michigan is sponsoring the National Trails Day Event at Oakwoods Metro Park/Nature Center, along with the FRIENDS of Oakwoods. The Event is from 9am-3pm and has all types of Outdoor Groups set up with their tents and tables, doing Programs & Activities for the day.

The Park starts the day out with an Invasive species Pull of BITTERSWEET, followed by a talk from the Girl Scouts inside the Nature Center. Also inside the Center will be our old friends from the Huron River Flute Circle, playing Native flutes & Drums.

Set up down by the Huron river will be the various Outdoor Groups and their tents and activities. Nearby is the Voyager Canoe rides and the Free Campfire Lunch. The Audubon Society, MiGo Geocachers, Cache Seekers, Letterboxers, Huron River Watershed Council, Family Outdoor Adventure Club, the FRIENDS of OAKWOODS and many other outdoor groups will be represented.

There will be Free drawings for various prizes, including some Grand Prizes that will knock your socks off. All free for the cost of a Park Pass. Join us for an excellent day at the Park & Nature Center, with all types of great outdoor activities taking place. No better way to celebrate National Trails Day. You can download a Flyer with more details and a map to get to the Park here:



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