How do you look at Life

May 25, 2012

So I have had the time recently to roam around my life and the things I have done and not done. Looking at what I have accomplished and failed at. While again sitting on a hillside overlooking a Pond surrounded by hardwoods & Pine trees, I realized there are no failures. If I have tried my very best at whatever it is I have attempted, then there is no actual failing at anything.

What is that failure based on. How others look at it, or how YOU look at it? Did you learn anything from your attempts? Then what was there to fail at? It seemed to me that much of our lives are based on how other perceive our actions. How could almost anyone understand each of our individual actions. They do not have all the facts, nor do they see all that we see on something WE are attempting to do.

So how could I be judged by anyone on something I have done my absolute very best at? Well…..I cannot. And anyone attempting to judge me on how they supposedly see my actions live in a false and shallow world themselves. How could they possibly know what I have attempted to accomplish or do with myself or life? So how could they possibly judge me then?

Does this all sound like gibberish? I hope it does not. We all need to know these things and understand that we live our lives with our best efforts and best attempts at doing what we feel is right and at the best level we can do them. For some this ends up being one thing, and for someone else, it is something else. But the important part is that we did our very best in the most honest ways.

So as I melted into the Pond below me, and became part of the whole thing, I came to realize that just being one of the Pine trees there is the best I could be. I wasn’t the biggest tree there, or the most beautiful tree. But I had done my best and I was contributing to this ecosystem in a positive way. And it didn’t matter if that was all that I was. It was important to the whole and I had done my best at it. What more could I have done? And who could possibly criticize me for it? Only a Fool would say that it was not enough or that they could be a better tree. All the trees there contributed to the system as a whole, so there was no such thing as a better tree. Everything else was just the silly human games we play to hold others down, hurt each other for no reason other then our own egos, or try to be better then someone else through false criticism.

The trees do not do these things. They work with one another in connection with the Pond, and cooperation with the grasses, flowers, birds and insects, to produce something very wonderful…..together. And this is the best it all can be.

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