The start of Greatness

May 22, 2012

Our last Hike at Indian Springs brought to mind many things about the natural world. For one….we looked at a small lake that had a few very, very small meandering streams leaving the southern end of the lake. These streams then passed through some swampy areas, merged together and about a mile or so down the trail from the lake, and where flowing strongly as an official stream. This stream was the beginnings of the Huron river. A river that runs over 100 miles, through southeastern Michigan, Ann Arbor and out to lake Erie.

It was a great example of how it all works when it comes to a large river like the Huron. It can start just as some small nothing, leaving a very small lake and build to something that feeds life into so many other lakes and places as it travels it’s course to lake Erie.

This may not seem like a big deal, but what this river affects along it’s way and the ecosystems it builds and determines is vast. So much depends on this river. The nature health of so many places are due to the health and flow of this river.

It is not always easy to understand why the way we would treat this small lake at Indian Springs would have any effect on anything other then that small lake itself. But it can effect ecosystems 50 miles away where the river flows. I think at our last Hike, this became easy to see as we watched the river grow from a lake to multiple streams, to one strong stream, to the start of a strong flowing river, just outside the park where it crosses into Pontiac Lake Recreation area.

All these places are so very important to not only building this river, but to what this river creates down stream in the way of healthy Natural resources and environments. Not very often do you get the chance to see the beginnings of something great and then even watch as it becomes great before your very eyes. On our recent Hike we got just a little taste of just that.


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