5/19/12 Indian Springs Nature area HIKE

May 15, 2012

We will be exploring the Nature Trails at Indian Springs Metro Park, on Saturday, 5/19/12 at 12pm-3pm. Take the park road until it ends at the old Nature Center parking lot. We will have our HIKE signs out on the park roads to assist everyone in finding us.

Kim will be leading this Hike. She knows the nature trails extremely well and we are in great hands with her. She will be taking us to a small lake at the back of the park, which is the headwaters of the infamous Huron river. After flowing from this lake and joining with some natural springs, FENS and small streams, it becomes one of the longest rivers in S.E.MI.

The park is also home to one of the largest populations of Massasagua rattle snakes. No worries here, because we will have a number of very experienced outdoorsman on hand for proper handling of any encounter we hopefully will have.

The wild flowers are out too. We will have our Wildflower ID sheets available for all in attendance as well as a new Map of the Nature trails too. So come on our and explore with us and enjoy a mostly flat terrain at the Nature Trails. Toy can download a Flyer with more details and a map to where we will be meeting here:   INDIAN SPRINGS HIKE


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