Ashok Heron Hike Reviewed

May 14, 2012

For the last 6 years Hiking Michigan has had a Hike scheduled at Holland Ponds, the largest Great Blue nesting site in Southeastern Michigan. We continued that tradition this last Saturday, 5/12/12.

A wonderful turn-out for this annual Hike. Filled the parking lot once again. 🙂 The Group headed over to the Heronry viewing area, where the Shadbush Nature Center had viewing scoped set up for a better view of the nests. Almost every nest had youngsters in them, which means most of the eggs have already hatched. That is very early for the Heronry. But the weather has been very strange too.

From the Heronry, Park naturalist Dan Farmer led the group on a lovely nature Hike around the Park. The group examined some of the Bluebird nests and eggs, watched the soft-shelled turtles and looked at various plants and flowers around the Park.

Some of the visitors to the Park this day, road the Hay-Wagon comfortably around the Park as well. Afterwards, back at the Shadbush Nature Center, there was a RAPTORS Program. Great-horned Owls, and a Eagle where there for everyone to get a close look at. Naturalists discussed these critters and answered questions.

To close off the day, a Campfire dinner was supplied by the Nature Center, our behind the Center at their Campfire ring. It was an excellent way to close off a wonderful day at Holland Ponds and our visit to the Great Blue Herons nesting site.

We recommend that you stop in at the Park, anytime, and watch the young herons grow, test their wings and eventually fledge the nests. It is a wonderful experience to watch this happen over the next few months. Holland Ponds Park is located just north of 22 Mile rd. on Ryan rd. in Shelby Twp.,MI. Macomb county.

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