Mothers Day

May 11, 2012

So it is Moms Day this Sunday. She will get her usual Flowers and all her children and and grand-kids will gather, barbecue tell her how Cool she is. 🙂 But there is so much more going on.

For me…..my Mother, along with my Father, who is gone now, have been my biggest life influences. Besides the structure and values they instilled in their children, they are responsible for most of my love for the Outdoors and the respect I have for all living things.

Mom was a Cub Scout Den Mom and Dad was a Bot Scout leader. They took the time in an era when there was not much in extra time or certainly not extra money, and made sure they put it into their children.

My Mom’s deep nurturing and kindness towards everything, instilled a connection with the beauty and the delicate life that makes up much of the natural world. I watched as she worked in the garden and got such joy from making things grow. I helped as she showed me simple things and the wonders behind why they where simple, but beautiful. It was their simple nature that made them beautiful. But it was the great complexity that made them a wonder.

I carry these teachings with me to this very day. She did not waste her time in teaching what she thought to be important to her children, and I do not know how I could ever repay her for these things. Other then being a good human.

A dedicated Mom is something you can be very happy and lucky to have, and I have been so deeply blessed with this kind of Mom. One who still believes I am her boy and is there to help, teach and be what she dedicated her life to being, the day that her and my Dad decided to have children. A MOM. A MOM for life. A MOM who showed me the natural world and helped to make it my life to this very day.


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