No Review Yet……But

May 7, 2012

I have not yet had the time to put together all the pictures I took from the first Hiking North/Central Michigan HIKE. I will get that done before the close of the day on Monday and get a nice review and pictures going, on what happened on this Inaugural HIKE.

But more importantly……..I observed some of the best things at this Hike along the Pere Marquette river. Being a Hike scheduled around most of the lower peninsula of our state, it covered quite a large area and some 26 counties. The result was that we got a very diverse group of Hikers from across the state. Roscommon, Lansing, Bay City, Grand Rapids, Paris, Evart and people from the 8 counties that make up S.E.MI. too.

What do you expect from such a diverse group of people? People who all live in different situations in different surroundings and different environments. No one knew what to expect, but what we all got was a GREAT time!

Seems it just doesn’t matter where you are from or what you do for a living, the joys of wandering the natural world, talking about critters, plants, mushrooms and such, is something that is universal among most people.

I have understood these things from the 14 years of HIKES with the Hiking Group in S.E.Michigan. But there are many more common denominators in this corner of our state. Pull people from all the different settings around the whole state, and I was not sure just what kind of Hike and day we would have with the new North/Central Hiking Group.

Sure says alot about Michigan people. Grab them from almost anywhere in the state, and if it is a good outdoor experience, they will be there and helping to make it even better. That sure was proven at the North/Central’s first HIKE this last Saturday. I am pretty sure that this is how it will work as the Group continues with more schedule Hikes around the lower peninsula.


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