May 3, 2012

I have spent alot of time recently, indoors and doing technical work. It has made me think of why I long for the Forests, lakes, meadows and streams. For most of my life I have gone into the woods, not just to have some fun or explore there, but to also contemplate things.

I spent thousands of hours sitting on a hillside or along a pond, just thinking about life, or a problem I may have, or just about anything. I have found these times to be when my head was the clearest and what seems like the most truthful of thoughts occur. It is definitely when my mind is the least clogged with external confusions and side-tracked nothings.

I have realized how important those times are to me. How the clarity of thought and the ability to see the Truth becomes so clear, that everything just falls in-line after that. Being indoors so much recently…..I have asked myself….what is the Truth?

Is it something we can manipulate to fit our needs? Is it something that if we do not speak it, it doesn’t mean we are not Lieing? I took the questions to the Hillside and determined that the Truth is pure. Like the facts of the Natural world. They cannot be played with, or manipulated or the Truth is lost.

It also made me realize how easy it is to think we can control the Truth in our everyday lives, and then it all just does not add up, when we sit and really contemplate it. I think it is why many people have nothing to connect to or hold on to. A manipulated Truth is hollow and will eventually fade to nothing. Then there is just that empty feeling. What comes after that? Anger, more lies to cover up the lost Truths? Nature’s Truths, for example, being solid and uncontrolled by man, have beauty, form, wonder and all the things that inspire so many people.

This all may sound a bit like GOOP…… but there is much here that I have found to be of importance in life. Something solid that can be trusted in is getting more and more important these days, and the unmanipulated Truths of Nature is something we all can hang on to and believe in.

Does it sound like I have spent to much time doing technical work indoors? 🙂


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