Michigan FERNS

April 29, 2012

With the new Group, Hiking North/Central Michigan’s first Hike coming up on 5/5/12, we thought we would do a special ID sheet for this particular Hike. The Group is taking the FERN LOOP Trail along the Pere Marquette river.

We have listed 10 of the most common Ferns in Michigan/s almost 30 species. The Group should see all of these on the Hike, but many of these are common through out the state. You will have to look closely at some of these Ferns to distinguish them from one another.

I learned alot about Ferns putting this together. A big thing is that how old and unchanged many Ferns are. Some date back to the Dinosaurs. Others take up to 20 years to grow into a 2 foot round grouping. Others live to be hundreds of years old. Gave me a whole new appreciation for the Fern.

Download the info sheets here:  MICHIGAN FERNS       This is a big PDF file, so be patient as it will take a little bit of time to download.


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