April 27, 2012

Even with the odd weather we have been having, the Spring flowers in Michigan are always a beautiful time. Some are blooming very early, due to the odd weather, and some are late in coming.

I have also noticed something different this year. The more rare flowers, or the sub-species of a few different wild flowers are more prevalent this year. Such as the Red Trillium. Not very common this far north, is popping it’s head out in a number of places, even before the more standard Giant White Trillium.

The Trout Lilly. Always a beautiful spring flower, blooming usually in it’s groves with many other lillies, it stands out with it’s wonderful bright yellow stripped petals. The more rare white petaled Trout Lilly is now also blooming in S.E.MI.  some of the first I have seen in this region, ever.

Download a basic Spring Flowers ID sheets here:  SPRING FLOWERS ID

So get out into the Parks and wander a bit off the Trails, and take a look at some of the wonderful Spring Flowers our state has to offer.



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