Just Wandering

April 20, 2012

I love to Hike the trails. But I also love to just wander in the forest. No trails, just walking around, following a ridge-line or the the perimeter of a pond. Possibly stepping where no one has ever stepped before.

Many time on these kinds of wanderings, I am walking extremely slow. Looking down much of the time, or stopping, crouching and being very still. Trying to become part of my surroundings. Now….even if this does not produce some wild life activity or discovery of some sort, it does my spirit good. being quite, moving slowly and looking at every little thing around me, cleanses my soul and gives me a calm I have not found a replacement for.

On a recent wandering, i was studying the many different wild flowers that have popped up recently. They are everywhere. I found a few Trilliums, and was happy, because these where the first of the season for me.

Then….out of the corner of my eye, I picked up something red. Not many large red wild flowers out there, so I figured I found something special. Sure enough….a Red Trillium. Just one. This is a different species from the normal Giant White Trilliums we are all so used to seeing, covering a hillside along a trail. The Red specie’s flower will last up to 2 months and not just a few days like the white Trillium.

Well this was a first for me. Never found a Red Trillium before. And all because i just took the time to wander aimlessly in a local forest. And by the way……the local Park I was wandering in, is only 42 acres. Tiny by State Park standards.

I sat there taking pictures of this rare trillium (for these parts anyways) and relaxed right there for a bit. This was all I needed for the day. It cleansed my soul, it gave me a sense of wonder and made me feel like I had melted into this particular forest, or else I would have never been able to have discovered this ONE flower in the whole area. There is not much I could have experienced this day, that would have given me more pleasure then this one, lone flower.


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