4/21/12 EARTH DAY Trails Maintenance

April 17, 2012

Well….we will be back at Holly Recreation area, helping the Scouts finish up some bridges and boardwalks, as well as some Invasive species removal along the Lakeshore Trail.

We will again have a nice Campfire Lunch for all in attendance at the jump-off point, at the Overlook Picnic area. Also at the Picnic area will be our CAR CAMPING Program set-up. Some equipment and hand-outs for the beginner Camper. Plenty of experienced people on hand to answer questions and discuss some of the various aspects of Car Camping around our beautiful state.

So….for EARTH DAY, come on our and give a little back to the Park, enjoy a good Lunch around the Campfire, and check out the Car Camping program happening there too. Saturday 4/21/12, 9am-12pm. Don’t be surprised if a random Hike breaks out after Lunch and our Trails work.

Download a Flyer with more details and a map to the Overlook Picnic site and our meeting place and Campfire for the day:  HOLLY TRAILS FLYER


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