4/14/12 Holly Lakeshore Trail Repairs

April 4, 2012

Hiking Michigan will be joining many different local Scout troops, the DEQ and Park Staff in making repairs on the Lakeshore Trail. We have used this trail many, many times over the years for regular Hikes and our Night Hikes.

Well…..the trail needs some repairs. Bridges need replacing, some of the sections need to be relocated as they slip into the Lake, Invasive species need control in places and a new Boardwalk needs to be installed. Bits and pieces of everything.

On Saturday April 14th, and then again on Saturday April 21st, for EARTH DAY, we will be pulling together and tackling these chores on the Trail. HM will be supplying all types of Vittles afterwards, around the Campfire at the Overlook Picnic site. There are also some plans in the works to have a back Packing and Car Camping program going on at the ORG. Campground afterwards as well.

The work sessions are from 9am-12pm. Then it’s Lunch around the Campfire. After that we are hoping on the Programs at the ORG. Campground nearby and a possible orienteering Hike from there.

Come on out and lend a hand for a trail we have used so many times over the years, and a place that has served our Group so well. The Trail needs these repairs and work to carry it into the future. So with all these groups together, we should be able to get her there.

You can download a Flyer for the Event here:   HOLLY LAKESHORE TRAIL REPAIRS


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