Seven Lakes HIKE Reviewed

April 1, 2012

Didn’t expect as many people out at the Park as what turned up. A little Cool outside compared to the last couple of weeks, and it had rained the entire day before. Apparently didn’t matter. 🙂 We filled and overflowed the Parking area.

Chris and Pam led us on an interesting Hike, down many trails we have not explored at the Park before. Starting by heading over to the closed Campground, then Sand lake. After that loop, everyone had a chance to either continue and take the very unique, half Bushwhacking trail around Dickenson Lake, or head, kinda back with Darrin. Only a small group of about 15 people headed back. Although we did not head directly back to the Parking area.

Chris and Pam then led the group around what was the very best trail loop in the Park until the 2007 Tornado destroyed much of what it was. It is slowly coming back. Darrin led the small, supposedly returning group, over to the infamous Seven Lakes Waterfall. A 4 1/2 foot waterfall, that is rarely falling, depending on how much Spring rains we have had. It has been years since I have seen the Falls actually running. A very rare and unique look-see.

This smaller group headed around and over to Little Seven lake while studying the many ground flowers that where popping up everywhere. It was great debating what flower was what and examining the details. One cluster in particular was debated all the way down the trail. 🙂 It turned out to be what the group was saying it was….HEPATICA. I personally kept thinking it was something else for a number of reasons. Great to learn new things on each of the Hikes.

Interestingly enough, as Darrin headed the group for the final turn in the Trail, and back to the Parking lot, here comes Chris & Pam and the main Hikers, across the ridge. We all returned at the same time.

Lots of new people on this Hike, as well as our favorite Cookie makers, Deb & her Green-pepper treats, and many of the regulars who help make the Hikes happen. OH YA…….seen our very first Trillium. Not a flower yet, but a lone three leaf plant that was the baby Trillium. I will post some pictures from the main groups Hike around Dickenson Lake as soon as they get here from emails. All and all…..another EXCELLENT HIKE!

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