TICKS be prepared

March 27, 2012

I have always tried to follow the old Scout adage of “Being Prepared”. So with all the reports, already, this year, I thought it was time to do something on Ticks. I have never been very concerned about Ticks in the past. I have only gotten one, and it was some 40 years ago, camping in the Porckies, in the U.P.

Since that time, after every Hike or outdoor activity, I shake my cloths off, dance around a bit, and check myself out, very well. In most cases, I also take a shower when I get home and do a second check of my whole body. The shower part is not always possible, especially if you are camping or Canoeing.

I have been lucky, I guess, and just have not attracted any Ticks over the years. But this is not the case with many people I know, and the many reports I have received from fellow Hikers. There are some people, who almost every time they head out onto the trails, they get a Tick of some sort. But by checking regularly and also spraying down with “DEET” and other repellents, they manage to just have these attacks as a nuisance and not some of the horrible results I have seen, if left untreated or unfound.

The research I have been doing on Ticks, have not been a pleasant one. I have looked at some pretty bad photos and read some horror stories about Ticks, and the some of the diseases they can carry. And not all Ticks carry a disease.

These Info sheets and this writing is not here to scare everyone, or gross you all out. It is that old Scout philosophy…..Be Prepared! We spray ourselves down with Mosquitoes repellents, to stop the endless biting and possible West Niles disease, and a couple of the repellents are the same ones used for Ticks as well. So combining these repellents can help keep both critters away, as well as Chiggers and a few other pests.

Wearing the right clothing is another big deterrent. I have not worn a pair of shorts on the deep trails, in many, many years anymore. I also wear a knee-high pair of socks, under my long pants, even in the summer. A very thin pair of course.:-) I also try and have a long=sleeve shirt on too. Very thin, breathable material in the summer months. A Hat is always a great idea for both the Mosquito and Tick. They will drop on you, off of an overhanging branch, or the hat can be sprayed down heavy with “DEET” and you can avoid spraying that heavy chemical directly on your head. Something you are not suppose to do anyways.

So prevention, like with many things, is the best remedy here. Dress correctly when heading outdoors. Do the Tick dance when you return, and check yourself, your children and your Doggie friends, well, after you have returned from your adventures. Use a repellent before heading out, and be aware of things while you are literally out on the trails. get into these habits, and you will not even realize you are doing them, eventually. They just become part of your outdoor routine. Now…..get out on the Trail. 🙂

DEET is the active ingredient in most of the Mosquito repellents on the market. It is one of the repellents used for Ticks as well. A 30% DEET spray is recommended for best results for both insects.

Download the TICKS Info sheets here:   TICKS…..BE PREPARED


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  1. Deet is poison. Just wear the right clothes, and get buttnaked, a few times, after the hike. It helps to have a companion check you out thoroughly. I’ve foind many a tick on me, yet they never make it long enough to embed themselves. Most diseases can only be transmitted if the tick has been on you for 36 hours, or more.

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