1st Day of Spring

March 20, 2012

It is the Spring Vernal Equinox, when the sun crosses the equator for the northern hemisphere and there is more daylight hours. Well…..kinda. There is alot of arguments on all of this and just what day our Equinox falls on. So lets get to a more important point. WHY is it so warm, so early in the year?

I know for most people, I should not be looking a gift horse in the mouth. But with the very odd-ball Winter we just had, and now the already consistent warm temperatures, many over 70 degrees, what in the world is going on.

One side of me says….YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…..the other side of me is very much worried. The rhythm and clocks of Mother Nature are way off their marks. Budding and flowering plants, that can all be destroyed with a snow storm that would still be normal during this time of any other year. I see Turtles and Frogs digging out of their winter holes and mud. All these critters could easily be wiped out by three days of real normal temperatures for this time of year.

Then there is the big worries I have. This last Saturdays Hike had actual biting SKEETERS on it. YUP….SKEETERS in early March. Just how big will these things be by the middle of summer? Pick-up truck size? OK…..I know Skeeters do not live that long and cycle through the months, but all these things on Mother Natures clock are way our of Whack.

I hope these are just some of those once in 100 years anomalies. The odd-ball things that just happen, because. I hope we get on the correct rhythm of life and the patterns of the 4 seasons we enjoy in Michigan, start being as they should. We need those transitional periods. The times when it is a little warm during the day, and pretty cold at night. These are the natural triggering points for many plants and animals. The swift warm temperatures during the day & night are just plain not correct and I hope they do not fool Mom Natures world, to badly.


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