Why Bother?

March 18, 2012

It was 72 degrees in the second week of March and the skies where solid deep blue. Just an ever so slight breeze, and a small rain had cleaned the air the morning before. So what does this mean?

I have a very busy Saturday planned. Lots of stuff I need to get caught up on. I am behind on everything. Times are tuff and I could use the possible extra money I could make this Saturday. Lots of Spring House chores and outside work to get started on. I told Mom I would stop by. The kids wanted me to take them to the Mall. All good reasons to spend this day taking care of business in some manner.

But…..this last Saturday, Hiking Michigan had a Hike our at Haven Hill, Highland Recreation area, and 80 people showed up. What where they thinking? They could have been doing any one of the things I listed above, or more. But instead….they decided it was best to recharge their own personal batteries and rejuvenate their souls, with a perfect afternoon of nature and a touch of History, out at the Park.

I thought it very interesting and I felt very enthused, that so many different people chose to do this thing for themselves and their family, by considering the choices, and choosing to use this beautiful day, in a way that in many ways, served a higher purpose. Ones own peace of mind.

I thought these 80 people chose wisely. WE HAD A SIMPLY OUTSTANDING HIKE at Haven Hill, AND SOME EXCELLENT COMPANY on our HIKE. And that is the best review of Saturday’s, 3/17/12, Highland Hike, that I can write.

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