3/17/12 Haven Hill NATURAL Area Hike

March 10, 2012

We will be Hiking the state designated Natural Area on the north side of Haven Hill lake. The Dammed lake that Edsel Ford created. The Natural Area is home to just about every habitat located in our state. Even many northern ecosystems are located there in the Natural Area.

We will loop around the extensive Boardwalks and the many natural Springs while we head for the far southwest end of the Haven Hill Estate section of the Park. From there we will circle back through the little used FORD Private Nature Trails.

These series of trails have staircases embedded into sides of hills, Ornamental Ponds and many other structures that would make for a private nature trails system. These trails weave back through the Estate itself and then over to the Circle parking lot, where we started our Hike.

We will be taking our time, but there is alot of miles to cover to loop all the way around Haven Hill lake and then back again. Wear a good pair of treaded boots, bring some water and maybe a snack, and come out for an afternoon of plenty of Nature & History all mixed together in one place.

Download a Flyer with more details and a map to where we will be meeting:



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