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March 9, 2012

The first HIKES Schedule for the new NORTH/CENTRAL Michigan Hiking group will be released this weekend. Some pretty exciting activities scheduled including the opening HIKE along the Pine river, in the Pere Marquette Forest. The Pine river is a designated state Natural river and it is a major feeder river to the Manistee river. Located just north of the town of Luther, just about the center of our state, it is a Blue Ribbon Trout stream. Come out and join us, let us know how you would like to see things go with this new Group and say Hello to the director of the NC Group, Mark Wilson. You’ll love Mark’s extensive outdoor knowledge and friendly demeanor. He will be leading this 1st HIKE and many of the other Hikes on the upcoming schedule. There will be a Campfire and nibbles after the Hike and a chance for those in attendance to make suggestions and express their thoughts on where they would like to see their new Group go.

Various Hiking Michigan Patches have finally been ordered. In the next 4-6 weeks you can purchase, at cost, the official HM Logo patch. The one you see everywhere on line and the web site. We have also ordered the new  Hiking North/Central Patch, and a very special Patch that cannot be purchased by any member. This Patch is an earned Patch. It is your “BOOTS” patch. A Patch you members earn by your extra participation at various Hikes. Being the “Sweeper” at a number of Hikes, earns you your BOOTS patch. Running the Campfire Vittles set-up and making sure it all runs smoothly earns you your BOOTS. Special things like that. members will show off their earned BOOTS patches as those of you who have gone the extra mile to help others and to make our Hikes the special activities they have become for so many people. These patches will just be given to those who have earned them.

A number of different kinds of PINS have also been ordered. We are holding those as surprises. Some will be for sale at cost and others, like the BOOTS patch will be an earned item that members will receive upon completion of certain outdoor activities and accomplishments.

The 46th addition of the Hiking Michigan Newsletter is now being put together for release at the end of April as our Spring addition. The last two Newsletters crossed the 15,000 downloads lines. That is over 15,000 people who either downloaded or stopped in at the web site to read our Newsletter. We have found a nice groove now, especially with the well established writers and Photographers. Our Birders, Naturalists and Biologists and just our regular Hiking members have really produced some extra quality articles and photos. And I am looking forward to another exceptional issue for the Spring. It took 14 years to find our Niche……and we finally have. The Newsletter is a very informative and enjoyable read. We also look forward to expanding the Newsletter with special articles about NC Hikes and from the new North/Central members. It should be a very nice addition of deeper backwoods adventures and knowledge, added to a well established base.

Hiking Michigan is sponsoring the 1st annual Great Blue Heron Festival at Holland Ponds Park in Shelby Twp.  Home of the largest Heron nesting site in S.E.Michigan. There were 39 successful, active nests in 2011. There is an entire day of scheduled activities including LIVE Eagles and Owls at the Nature Center, Bird banding and Pond dipping at Holland Ponds, with the day concluding with a Campfire Feast around the fire pit at the Shadbush Nature Center. We are very much look forward to this huge Event on May 12th.

There is so much in the planning stages for both the S.E.MI. Hiking Group and the new North/Central group, we are almost overwhelmed with Cool things to do this Spring, Summer and Fall. Just wait till you all see some of what we have worked hard to put together for everyone this year. Should be fun and informative for all ages.

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  1. Really looking forward to the new Hiking Michigan North/Central Hikes schedule. Hoping I can make some of them, too! If only “life” and “work” would quit getting in my way! The patches and pins sound like a fun idea!

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