Life is what happens while your busy making plans

March 6, 2012

This is an old John Lennon line from one of his songs, and oh how true it is. Some recent unexpected life experiences has shown be how important it is to be taken in every moment we have here on the planet. To be doing our best at all times, and experiencing everything to it’s fullest.

We can all have the most grandiose plans and expectations for things to come, but it is each moment of every day that IS our lives. Time with our families and friends. That walk in the woods while taking it all in. Those chances to give our a big hug or tell someone how much they mean to us. Those are the things that pass us by, each and every day. Do we say I Love you when we should? Do we tell that someone we care, when we should, or do we plan on doing so at some time in the future. That future may never come. The time to do those things is now.

Life is now. The plans are what we hope for. Get outdoors and take that someone and the Doggies and enjoy the now. Enjoy the day. It is our life going by while are so busy making plans.


One comment

  1. Very true Rob. It is ok to plan but we must live in the Now.

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