HERONS on the nests already

February 24, 2012

Amazing as this is…… but some Great Blue Herons have been spotted at the heronry at Holland Ponds recently. This is one of the earliest reports of Herons on the nests at the Parks in the over 10 years the heronry has existed. Not sure if this is exciting News of an even faster growing heronry at Holland ponds, or if the very strange Winter weather we have had is effecting the early migration and returns of the Herons to start the 2012 mating season. We shall see.

These early Heron sightings have been confirmed by park naturalist Dan Farmer. He to agrees that this is exceptionally early for Great Blue herons to be returning and setting up nesting for this years mating season. It is not uncommon to get early arrivals to the Heronry, for bet nest and mate selections. But this early in February, with the still many chances of severe weather and icy conditions, is not a common occurrence.

We will be doing a report and study on these early activities at the heronry. Should be a unique situation to observe.


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