Hiking Michigan HIKE Flyers

February 10, 2012

Ever since we started as a Hiking Group some 14 years ago, we have released a Flyer for each Hike we do. Some of the early Flyers are laughable at this time. 🙂 But…..through many suggestions from members, we have managed to put together what I think is a pretty darn good and informative HIKE Flyer.

Members have suggested we included the Trail length and difficulty on each Flyer. and we have. Others have suggested we use an Icon system to indicate whether the Park allowed our Doggie friends, or if the Hike might be to difficult for children, and we have done this as well.

The second page of each Flyer contains a Map to where we are meeting for that Hike. I know…….everyone has a GPS unit to guide them. BUT…..many times they are incorrect at specific Park locations. Holly Recreation area is a great example of this. If you take the Google GPS directions, you end up near Ortonville. What used to be the Park Headquarters. Well……that’s about 5 miles from where the main Park is really located these days.

So please use our HIKE Flyers. You members have made the tweaks in them, to get them as detailed and informative as what everyone wanted to see. If you have additional info you would like to see us add to our HIKE Flyers, please make those suggestions. It is how the Flyers got to where they are these days.


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  1. Something we talked about last weekend before the hike was the idea of putting actual latitude and longitude of the corredt park entrance (not inside the park, since not all GPS’s have park interior roads). This would get anyone with a car GPS, Android, or iphone to the right park entrance. From there, there’s usually signs. Ideally, provide this in all normal forms, since different GPS’s like different formats.

    N xx degrees yy minutes zz seconds W aa degrees bb minutes zz seconds

    N xx degrees yy.yy minutes W aa degrees bb.bb minutes

    N xx.xxxx degrees, W yy.yyyy degrees.

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