January 23, 2012

We are doing something a little different for our February 4th Hike. It was originally scheduled for Ortonville Recreation area only. After talking with various members, some people wanted to Hike that day, but did not want the more strenuous hiking at the very hilly terrain of Ortonville Rec. area.
So Kim & Rosie offered to lead another Hike on the same day at the same time, at Independence Oaks county Park. The trails are much easier then Ortonville’s, sometimes non-existent trails. There is some slightly rolling hills at the beginning of the Independence Oaks Hike, and then it is an easy hike around the Lake, and all the features, campfires and amenities the park has to offer. That included the beautiful Lewis E. Winy nature center, where everyone will be meeting for this hike.
The Ortonville hikers will be meeting at remote Algoe lake on Sawmill lake rd. I very much suggest that everyone attending either hike, download the Flyers we have made, which contain maps to the specific places each hike will be starting at.
So if you want some tougher trails and more rigorous hike on Feb.4th, the join us our at Ortonville Recreation area. If you just want the forests, lakes and nature center, then join us at Independence Oaks county Park. Both hikes start at 12pm and run until roughly 3pm. Join us.

Download the Flyer with more details and maps for the meeting places for each hike:   DUAL HIKES FLYER

A short video about Independence Oaks county park. Just in case you have not visited this park before, we hope this will give you some basic idea of what is there at this beautiful park.

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