Stony Creek HIKE reviewed

January 15, 2012

EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of our better Hikes. Great turnout of some 45 people. This was our kinda Anniversary hike at Stony Creek Metro Park, where we did our very first Hike as Hiking Michigan, some 14 years ago. 4 people showed up for that Hike. Quite the difference 14 years makes. happy.gif
The C & G Newspapers joined us for this hike. Reporters and photographers came along on the entire 6 mile Hike. We covered alot of the Nature area, including some little unknown spots that I am sure many people will be returning to at a later date. because of the fresh snow, there where plenty of animal tracks around, as well as some deer we scared up.

Not sure what was in the air for this Hike, but everyone came out in great spirits and it reflected on the vibe for the whole Hike. Including some great trail conversations. Kathy baked some superior Cookies for us, and they where waiting the parking area for our return. Eric supplied the waters. About 10 of us didn’t get enough out on the Trails, and headed for some warm dinner at a local Restaurant. It was one of Hiking Michigan’s better Hikes, and how appropriate in our 14th year in existence.

Brad Bates from the C & G News posted this about the upcoming News article.

Happy Anniversary — Thanks for letting C&G Newspapers and the Shelby-Utica News/Rochester Post delay/join your hike for a story on the groups 14th anniversary Jan. 14. Check www.candgnews.com for a story and video on the groups big day (both will be up by Jan. 18). The story and more photos will run in the Jan. 18-19 edition of our papers.


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