1/14/12 Stony Creek HIKE

January 7, 2012

14 years ago Hiking Michigan did it’s first Hike in March, at Stony Creek Metro Park, Nature area. There was 4 of us there. Chris Harbowy was one of those people an now holds a members number of 0001. We will retracing that first Hike. It was a combination of Nature Trails, Deer trail links and Lakes edge travel. We have not repeated this exact Hike since then. But we will on Saturdat, the 14th at 12pm-3pm, meeting at the Nature Center parking area.
The Hike will have a couple of options for varied lengths, which the Group will decide upon while we are out on the Trails. We also have a few surprises in store for all in attendance.
Join us for a 14 year repeat of Hiking Michigans first Hike.
You can download a Flyer at this Link:
A reminder: It is a new year and either a daily pass or a $25 dollar annual sticker will be required for entrance into the Park. Since we frequent many of the Metro Parks, and have a free Snow Shoe Event at Stony in late February and a Heron Days Event in April at Kensington Metro Park, it would be a good buy to invest in an annual Park sticker at $25, rather then a $5 dailt pass for only this Hike.


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