12,000 Downloads for the HM NewsLetter

January 6, 2012

Congratulations are in order to all the writers and contributors of the recent Holiday Hiking Michigan Outdoors NewsLetter. This recent issue, no.45, just crossed the all-time high for being downloaded from the web site at just over 12,000 downloads. After 14 years of releasing all types of NewsLetters, it looks like with the last two issues, HM has found it’s groove.
The 44th issue had just over 10,000 downloads and now the 45th gets over 12,000 downloads and it will be on-line for a while now before the next issue is ready. Who knows what the final tally will be.
Back in 1998 when the first issue was released, the HM NewsLetter was not much more then a Hikes review Letter to the members. It has seen many changes, writers and photographers since then, and about 1 year ago, seem to have found a nice mix of talented writers, fresh input from various members and some beautiful photography from many. We can only hope this continues, and many of you out there, enjoy the writings and information the NewsLetter relays, and will contribute to what has grown with our group of now over 4,000 members.

As a side note: With 4,000 members and over 12,000 downloads of the NewsLetter, that is saying alot for how many people are reading your NewsLetter that are not even members here at Hiking Michigan. The most important thing is the sharing of outdoor information with EVERYONE in our beautiful state of Michigan.


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