Technology and the Outdoors?

December 15, 2011

I have tried to keep my  love of gadgets, technology and inanimate objects, away from my ventures into the outdoors. Yes…..it is good to be prepared for the unknown. First-aid kit, compass, fire-starter, etc. But much more then a few survival things, and of course my camera, I have left all the techno gizmos at home where they belong.

It has become annoying to me to see, cell phones going off on the trails, Bikes whizzing by, unicycles and everything else disrupting the natural way of things. Getting old and crabby maybe? Not sure.

On almost every Hike we do here at Hiking Michigan, there are questions on, Tree ID, Mushroom identification, Invasive species, Bird ID, and so on. I have an extensive research library at home, and cannot bring all my books along on each outdoor adventure. So I am going to try something that may fix this. A TABLET.

The I-Pads and Droid Tablets have all the ID books available to be loaded on them. Many of these programs go as far as to listen to the song of a forest bird and ID it for you. Take a picture of a wild flower and the ID program will identify it for you. Almost like having a Book bearer on the trail with you, hauling the entire nature ID library, behind you. At least this will be the experiment.

I hoping the mix of technology and the trails will make for a better Hike and a more learned experience at times. Maybe it will best be served to leave it back at the Trailhead for reference after a Hike. We shall see.

The peace and tranquility I personally get from visiting the outdoors, comes from one side of my brain. Technology and controlling those types of things, comes from the other side of my brain. Not sure the two can work in harmony. Let the experiment begin. 🙂


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