White Squirrel Hike/Dinner reviewed

December 11, 2011

It started out as a very cold day. 22 degrees. But everyone came well bundled and we pealed cloths off as the sun shined brighter. Unfortunately it had snowed a couple of days before the Hike, so it was near impossible to spot a white squirrel in all the white snow.

We did have some great wildlife experiences. Lots of Chickadees, Nuthatches and Tit mouse birds to feed from out hands. Rosie brought along  all types of bird feed for everyone. There where also Turkeys and lots of huge Crane tracks.

There were so many Hikers we broke up into about 4 groups. It was easier to feed the birds as well. Mike stopped us by a Geocache along the trail. Also got a chance to see the Heron Rookery on the Nature Centers island. Looking forward to their HERON DAYS in the springtime.

Many of the hikers came out to Dinner after the hike. The food we excellent at BAKERS, and we all hung out for about 3 hours there. Not having desert there, 5 of us headed just up the road and had deserts and Banana Splits. That was the topper for the day.

It was an excellent day at the Park and dinner, and a wonderful way to end the 2011 hiking year. With great old friends, new friends and outdoor enthusiasts all around.

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