Last Hike of the year 2011

November 29, 2011

We have a scheduled HIKE at Stony Creek on 12/10/11. There has been some suggestions we do a Christmas Dinner afterwards. There has also been some other ideas too;

1. Reschedule the Stony Creek HIKE to Kensington Metro Park, and search for the “White Squirrel” and have Christmas Dinner in Milford afterwards.

2. Cancel the Stony HIKE and head to the MI. Mushroom Hunters Seminar/Potluck in Livonia, getting Christmas Dinner afterwards in town.

3. Cancel the Stony HIKE and just schedule a Christmas Dinner for the group at a location to be determined.

We have never done just a get together with the Hiking Group in 13 years. We start our 14th year in 2012, and there has been a number of requests that we do something like this before Christmas. We are looking for Yas and Nays on some of the ideas listed above, or completely different ideas. Let us know this week sometime, so we can make arrangements and get everyone notified about what we will be doing the weekend after next, for our last schedule activity of 2011.

Drop me an email with any ideas at: Rob   rgolda@hikingmichigan.com


One comment

  1. I give “yeas” to either Kensington searching for the albino squirrel and dinner in Milford, or to keeping it at Stony Creek with dinner afterwards.

    “Nays” to both the MI Mushroom Hunters Seminar and to a dinner with no hike.


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