GO GET OUTDOORS maps building

November 21, 2011

Hiking Michigan has been using the GO GET OUTDOORS web site to assist the S.E.Michigan Hiking Group in finding the places we meet and do Hikes at, as well as just plain locating great outdoor places in S.E. Michigan.

We have been making a number of changes to the web site, while we are doing the same for the Hiking Michigan sites. One big inclusion into the GO GET OUTDOORS web site, is a map covering the new North/Central Hiking Group.

26 counties, with state parks and National Forests indicated, as well as many of the Canoe-able rivers. We also added a “Special Places” map for S.E. Michigan, the indicates the unique environments located around the 8 counties comprising S.E.MI.  Things like Fen areas, Long Scenic views, Prairie meadows, etc.  We will be doing the same thing for the North/ Central map, when the parks and forest lands have all been listed.

So check out the new and growing GO GET OUTDOORS web site. An easy way to find Parks and rivers in S.E. MI. and soon through out the lower peninsula.      GO GET OUTDOORS


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