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November 21, 2011

Today was the first time Judy and I visited any of the Oakland County Parks! We went to Independence Oaks (IO) for the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) talk.

Interesting, especially since we go to many local parks quite often and I have lived in Oakland County for over 20 years … I suspect the three main reasons I never visited:  1) that the annual cost ($30 – no – I now see it is $22 for seniors) is more than the $12 senior rate we enjoy paying every year for access to all of the Metro Parks; 2) the parks seem to be farther away (geez! Oakland County is large!) and I perceived them to be smaller and less inviting than the Metro Parks;  3) no one ever talks about them (you need some “bird-reporting heroes”!).

Before the meeting today, we drove the short roads there and hiked a bit. We saw few birds (except at the NC feeders), but noted that there was a tremendous amount of fishing access! On the website tonight, I learned that only non-motorized boats are allowed. Great! Certainly, fishing access will be included in our plans for next year. We also noted the relatively huge number of BBQ grills available in interesting locations. Yes, a picnic may also be planned – I haven’t bought charcoal for years and it will be fun. And, of course, the park map shows many hiking trails that need exploration – especially starting at the NC!

Indeed OC parks (based on only this one park) may indeed need exploration!

Anyway, all of the above are just “rambles” to thank Kathleen (OC Park staff and a CBC contributor for many years) and local IO staff for the OC Parks hospitality. Pass it up the chain “kid” – kudos to you! Great hospitality! (And so cool that even with very few pre-registrations, chairs needed to be added for the talk! It was a great turnout!)

Actually what I wanted to write about was my total joy and fascination with seeing the team from Oakland Audubon Society give such an interesting talk! Three teachers (Ed Lewandowski, Don Burlett, and Scott Jennex) were tag-teaming to present an event that not only engaged me, but also Judy. I truly suspect y’all “hooked” many more future birders! I never saw any of you speak in public before, and witnessed three teachers (in the true sense!) share your passion for birds with the general public. So great! And yes, the birding hook in my mouth is even more firmly embedded.

Nuff said – great job guys!

And it was really nice to finally meet you, Scott – the mythical eBird Michigan master lister! I already knew the other teachers were crazy …We had great fun!   (Geez!  I just gotta get out more with the birding community in SE Michigan!)

“Dr. Bob” Setzer

Streamwood Estates, Rochester Hills (Crooks & Hamlin), Oakland County

“Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day.”   Teaching a man to “bird” is much harder!



  1. Dr. Bob-

    Here is the link to the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Hiking Trail page. Check it out!


  2. Thanks Meagan! I tried to copy Kathleen on my original e-mail, but it bounced. I think I picked up her e-mail address from either IO or Waterford web site. Please be sure she gets it (and updates her e-mail address …)! Rob Golda told me that the Metro Parks and OC parks have some deal to reduce the annual fees by combining the annual permit – now that is a great idea! I hope they also include the reduced senior fees as part of the deal. Of so, we have no excuse to not explore our county parks more next year. If IO is any indication, they are certainly worth further exploration! – “Dr. Bob”

    (… and knowing myself, I will probably be reporting our more memorable excursions at some times …)

  3. Dr. Bob-

    What’s your direct email?


  4. HI Dr. Bob – thank you for the great posting and feedback on the program. There are so many neat places to go birding in Oakland County – I might suggest visiting Rose Oaks in Rose Township. A resident Barred Owl can be heard and seen on cloudy days. During the spring and summer evenings you can heard the Yellow Rails and the Sedge Wrens near Buckhorn Lake Road if you listen long enough. The frogs are quite loud during their breeding times so their voices often drown out the birds. I hope to see you again one day. Being outdoors improves your mind!

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