Holly Winter Wear Hike reviewed

November 13, 2011

WOW! what a day. Hiked in just a fleeces vest, and even got a little sunburn from being outside from 9am until 11pm. Met the Scouts at the Overlook campsite at 9am. They where doing a Trails trimming on the Lake shore trail, before our Hike. Met Pam from the state DEQ (department of environmental quality) and her son Jon-Cluade. We where very lucky to have both of them join us later for our Hike. The knowledge about Invasive species and the environment in general, from both of them was immense. It made for a very interesting and informative Hike, for the back half of the HM hikers.

When we left the Overlook at 12:30, the large group quickly broke into two groups. The back group took almost twice as long to cover the trail, as the front group. But that was because of the many nature stops we took, examining plants, trees and trails conditions for future repairs.

When we all eventually got back to the Campfire pit, we ate just a ton of food. Rosie took care of the Food table, many people brought treats, Scott was the campfire tea guy, and everyone pitched in.

After food time, Chris did a great talk on Wood splitting and a number of people tried the correct way in splitting wood. Very interesting and belly laughing session with Chris. We then talked about some of the fine points for keeping warm on Winter Hikes. Polypropylene, boots and Gators where the high points. Everyone added their experience to the discussion, and I think we all walked away from this with more knowledge on winter activities and winter wear, then when we started. A great session.

We relaxed back at the campfire, with just a ton of wood to burn. About 10 of us decided to wait for the Full-Moon and do another Hike. But as the sun set and the moon rose, it got a little windy and cool. So we stayed around the campfire discussing outdoor stories and world mechanics. Tried some Owl calls, but no answers.

Around 7pm a few people left and we where down to 8 people, and hungry again. So we pulled out what was left of the food, and cooked up the last of the Hot dogs, and chowed on the chips and muffins. Pretty much cleaned up all the food. Including the last of the Tootsie-Roll Pops. 🙂

We finally burned all the wood and where down to a very hot coal pit around 11pm. Day Done. A great day indeed.

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