NO Blue Jeans in the Outdoors

November 9, 2011

WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!  Blue jeans are one of the worst kinds of pants to wear while trying to enjoy an outdoor activity. Not only are they constrictive to your movement, but the very nature of Blue Jeans makes them uncomfortable while limber movement is required for outdoor activities.

I know…..you have that pair of jeans that fit so well, and are so comfortable…..But……are they as comfortable when they are moist? You may not always realize it, but the cotton in Blue jeans absorb moisture very well, and do not wick it away from your skin. This keeps your body temperature down in the wintertime especially. This also adds weight to your legs, and restricted movement. All the things you do not want while out on the trails.

I know it is a hard thing to let go of. I hiked and ventured outdoors for a longer time, in Blue jeans, then I have in a synthetic pair of Hiking pants. Do not know how I survived all those years. The difference is night and day!

There are many different kinds of Hiking pants. Some are thicker then others. Some have all types of pockets and accessories. But most are made of a synthetic material that can get wet and dry quickly. Many also “wick away” moisture from your body. Important in all seasons. These synthetic materials last forever. I have Hiking pants that are 6 years old. Even hard to get that kind of wear from Blue jeans.

So keep those well worn in, beautifully fitting jeans for other occasions. Get a pair of good Hiking pants and see how you ever wore anything else. REI, locally, has one of the largest selections of Hiking pants in the area. Take your time, get a good fit, right thickness of material for you and call it a Christmas present to yourself.


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