HERON Nests Counting 2011

November 3, 2011

Since the Great Blue Herons have all left the Heronry at Holland Ponds Park, it was safe to enter these two Heronrys and count the nests. The park has two separate Heronrys. The front Heronry is the oldest, dating back about 10 years now. We counted 21 remaining nests there. Two trees where blown down from high winds and storms and this front Heronry lost some 8 nests this season.

The newer rear Heronry, only in existence for the last three years, has grown tremendously. This years count was 18 nest. 7 of those nests where just built this last season. There are plenty of secluded and private trees in this rear Heronry, and we expect this area to become the main Heronry over the next couple of years.

With a total of 39 solid nests waiting for the Herons return in 2012, we expect a banner season for the entire Heronry.

A NOTE:  These heronys are restricted areas. Especially when the Herons are on the nests. They spook very easily and this can destroy an entire heronry. I got permission to count the nests at Holland Ponds, in advance, and only during this period of time when ALL the Herons had left for the season.


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