Winter Clothing & Gear

November 2, 2011

With our upcoming Winter-Wear HIKE at Holly on 11/12/11, it is probably appropriate to discuss Winter preparations. I know for some people, this is a bad thought. But….being prepared is always a good thing, and being prepared for the 5 months of winter that come with living in Michigan is always a great thing.

So…..we have put together a couple of sheet of Winter clothing and small gear that will help make those winter outdoor activities more enjoyable and warm. NOW, is the time to be going through that winter clothing and equipment. There are some good bargains at the very beginning of the season, and you will be ready for a possible quick change into Winter, since we are technically a little behind on that.

So take a look at the sheets, pull out that Winter clothing & gear and also stop by the Hike, next week and examine most of the equipment on these sheets, in person. You will be happy you started this process now, rather then waiting until there is 6 inches of snow on the ground and……….



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