Wolcott Mill HIKE reviewed

October 30, 2011

Well…..this hike turned out to be something completely different then expected. Thought we would explore some of the old trails on the northern side of the Dam, up river. Well we did that, but it also rained and hailed on us. This did not seem to fluster most of the Group.

Once we got to the old bridge on what is now a trail called 30 mile rd., we turned along the river’s edge and followed an old trail there. It disappeared and we ended up Bushwhacking through some pretty tuff terrain. Again…..the Group went along and explore together. This was of course when the rain and hail started.

I found it quite interesting that under some of the worse conditions we could have gotten, the Group all pulled together, took care of one another and we made our way through all of this to get back to the main trails.

We looped back down the Mother Earth trail and returned to a flooded Parking lot. My car was now parked in the middle of a lake. About 10 of us headed over to the Farm, and just caught the end of Free Cider & Doughnuts. Nice to sit in the Farm greenhouse and relax to munchies and cider. A very nice ending to a tuff day on the trails.

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