October 27, 2011

The few Hikes at Hiking Michigan, we have been talking about and looking for “Fairy Rings”.  Fairy Rings are a specific mushroom that grow in a circle. I had gone most of my life without ever finding one. Then a few years ago, completely by accident I found three of them.

The story goes…….that the Fairies guard and dance around the Fairy Ring, protecting the “Troll’s” gold he has buried at the center of the Ring. The Troll got all this gold, by insisting upon a toll, when someone crosses the bridge he lived under.

If you should discover a Fairy Ring, you have some choices. You could dig up the Troll’s gold, buried at the center of Ring. This would bring the wrath of the Troll and his Fairy friends upon you. Or…..you can go to the center of the circle and make a wish. Your wish will be granted for not stealing the Troll’s gold. That’s how the story goes.

No one wants and angry Troll and his friends lurking after you, so if you are lucky enough to discover a Fairy Ring…..just go to the center of the Ring and make a wish. There are a number of Fairy Rings out at Holly Recreation Area, on a particular trail there. I ain’t sayin which one. 🙂


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