Hiking Michigan North/Central MI.

October 25, 2011

This winter we will be putting together a branch of Hiking Michigan, that will cover the North/Central part of our beautiful state of Michigan. This branch will cover over 10 counties in the center of our state.

The new branch will be doing regular Hikes like the S.E.MI. branch does, except there will be further additions to the groups activities. Such as kayak trips, overnight Camping and Backpacking. There will also be the Kid friendly Hikes, Beach gatherings and Fishin trips.

What will be very Cool, is that all you members from the S.E.MI. branch will have access to this additional activities. So when the weekend comes along, and you have more time then just a few hours on a Sat. or Sun., you can take the 1-2 hour ride to one of the North/Central branches, scheduled activities.

We are putting all this together right now, and over this winter. We hope to do a couple of organizing Hikes this winter as test runs and to gather some base members in the central part of the state.

If you would like to be a part of this new Branch, as a Trail leader, organizer, Trails group sweeper, or just want to help schedule activities. Please drop me an email. We need ideas for both Sat. & Sun. single day activities, as well as weekend, overnight adventures.

Drop me an email with any ideas, suggestions or participation.

Rob Golda      rgolda@hikingmichigan.com


One comment

  1. This is great news! Really looking forward to this new group and all the hiking and outdoor possibilities!

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