Wetzel Park Autumn Olive Reviewed

October 23, 2011

Had a very good time at the Autumn Olive Pull. I am suppose to say that? 🙂 Great people helped do, what I thought was alot of clearing. We took care of a HUGE area, south of the main parking lot. Sherri and the FRIENDS fed us well afterwards, including Tammy’s special brownies. DNR Park supervisor Dennis Wilson and staff worked their butts off with the rest of us. Very impressive! Like I said…..not sure I was suppose to have this much fun, get fed, and feel pretty accomplished at what we did, all at the same time. Thank You FRIENDS of Wetzel!

After the Pull and some Lunch, 4 of us still went on a Wetzel Park Hike.  Went in search of Coon Creek. Took us a bit….but we found a vastly flooded Creek. Worth the effort though, because of all that we found and seen on the search. Lots of critter tracks, wild Pears, Frogs, and much plant life. Pretty surprising how much life was still scurrying, after a couple of frosts. Had a great time at the Hike, and an excellent time at the Autumn Olive Pull/Lunch. A simply BEAUTIFUL Fall day!

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One comment

  1. Hi
    I was glad that your group came to help. It was a very success day.
    Hope to see you there again.
    Dave Lancaster the birder
    Center line, Michigan

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