Michigan Animal Tracks

October 18, 2011

I know many people get a little down as the last of the leaves start to fall from the trees. But this is also a very active animal time. Many are scurrying around making last arrangements for Winter or gathering food sources for the winter months.

Many times in this rush before the winter, the animals are not as aware of our presence and can more easily be seen with not much foliage around. Watching the ground for tracks is also a great way to determine where the critters are traveling, and maybe even where there dens are located.

Remembering where you find these tracks and possible dens, will give you a clue, come next Spring, on where to be alert for various animals. Critters are like us, in the fact that they too will travel the same paths and highways to get from one place to another. Finding these pathways will open up many animal encounters in the futures.

Download the Animal Tracks ID sheet here:



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