10/15/11 Seven Lakes HIKE

October 10, 2011

We will be back at Seven Lakes State Park on Saturday, 10/15/11, 1pm-4pm. We will be meeting at the Dickenson Lake parking area, where we have met many times for our FENs Hikes.

This time we will be heading off to the west side of Dickenson Lake. Where there are so many different tree varieties. This should produce an array of Fall colors.

We will be heading over to Big Seven Lake, and on our way we will be trimming any overhanging bushes or twigs. Not really work. We have done this at Holly and other Parks before. Just the groups way of helping keep trails navigable. With everyone clipping the occasional overhang, the trails get cleared easily without much effort from any one person.

We are trying to work up a Barbecue at Big Seven lake, so that when we arrive there, we can cook up a few Hotdogs, relax and then head back. We will be covering trails many of you have never tried before. Some great places at the Park.

So join us of Saturday for some unique environments, great Fall colors and some interesting trails. Bring a pair of hand clippers and gloves, if you have them.

Download more info and a map to the meeting place here:


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