SPIDER Class/Hike Reviewed

October 4, 2011

Big Thanks to Dan Farmer, the Burgess Shadbush Nature Center and all the great help from the staff there, in making our SPIDER Class/Hike great fun. Dan was on his game as always, and the staff was great at finding critters along the trail and taking care of the group. Dan did an excellent Class inside the Nature Center, and I am sure most people left with a different understanding of Michigan Spiders. They ain’t just here to bite you. 🙂

8 of us even did a second Hike after the Class and the first Hike, over to the Yates Cider Mill. We started at Holland Ponds where there was no one, and followed the river all the way to the Mill. My first cider of the year. TONS of people, but we hiked in so it did’nt matter. Day ened with sunset. A very long and enjoyable Fall day!

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One comment

  1. A day with Dan Farmer is like a day on caffeine with advanced optics and perceptions at your disposal. Then to mellow out (if you can call it that at Yates now…) with cider. Great planning for a fall HM day! Sorry I missed it.

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