FALL Colors Tour…..& Cider

September 27, 2011

With the Fall colors quickly coming upon us, I thought it would be good to post a few S.E.MI. parks that I have found to produce pretty consistent, fabulous Fall colors. There are of course, so many places to enjoy the beautiful Fall season in Michigan, but over the many years of searching out some of the best local Colors, there are some places that stand out.

Best S.E.MI. Fall Colors Tour Parks

A great way to enjoy that taste of Fall is at one of the few remianing Cider Mills left in S.E.Michigan. Yates Cider Mill has been around since the late 1800s and still produces fresh made Cider at their Mill on Dequindre rd. and 23 mile rd. The only problem with the Mill area, is that it gets a little congested since the roads have all remained single lane, twisting roads. This can make for some traffic problems there.

An excellent way to avoid this, is to visit Holland Ponds Park, located on Ryan rd. and 22 mile rd. Yep…..that’s where the largest Heron Rookery is located. (Sorry, the Herons have left for the year) But the park is still a very Cool place, with NO congestion and plenty of availble parking. Not many people know that at the back of the Park, there is a trail that follows the river all the way to Yates Cider Mill.

So….with no traffic problems, and a beautiful Hike along the river, one can enjoy a lovely Fall afternoon Hiking to get Cider, take a break at the Mill and leave the congestion behind.

Get a map of thr route from Holland Ponds Park to Yates Cider Mill:


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