WHY do leaves Change Color?

September 23, 2011

Doing some research over the years has produced some very interesting results, when it comes to the Fall colors in Michigan. There seems like so many places to see beautiful leaf colors almost anywhere in our state. But there are places that are more special then others.

This has to do with a number of things. How old is the hardwood forests in that area? Are they healthy and get ample water? What types of hardwood trees grow where? By understanding a number of reasons why the leaves change colors in the Fall, you can almost put together places to visit during the Fall season, that will guarantee EXCELLENT Fall colors.

Of course Mother Nature still plays a role in the subtle things that can affect a tree’s ability to produce heavy colors or just subtle colors. But with understanding the basics in why leaves change colors, you will be well on the way to visiting specific places that will have a better chance in glorious colors, more brilliant and contrasting then other places.

Check out the Info sheet on “Why Leaves Change Colors”.



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