FEN Hike reviewed 8/27/11

August 29, 2011

There are some Hikes that are just different then the rest of the Hikes we do. never really know when this will happen either. As a group, we almost always have a good Hike, learn a few things from one another and enjoy the outdoors together. But every so often, there is a certain mix of Hikers that show up that just mix perfectly. Or who all compliment one another in such a way that the Hike flows so wonderfully. The Seven Lakes FEN Hike was one of those Hikes.
An excellent group of Hikers came out for this one, all interested in the FEN area, and all with their own expertise in life. There was just so many eyes wide open for all of nature on this Hike. Plants, Flowers, Insects, Amphibians. There was someone discovering something everywhere. We even had the good luck to come across a Massasagua rattle snake at the FEN.

After our FEN Hike, we all relaxed under a shade tree back at the Parking area/Boat Launch on Dickenson lake. We all discussed some of the things we had seen on our Hike and nibbled on the treats provided by Rosie, Larry, Rich, Chris and others. We even had a guest star appearance from Chris & Pam during our break. Great to see them. Almost everyone stayed and headed out on a second Hike to Big Seven Lake from there. We covered 6 miles on that Hike, and again, there where critters and life everywhere, being spotted many different people, or IDed by many different people. It was a beautiful second Hike!

This was one of my personal favorite Hikes this year. I hope many of you that participated, feel the same way, and enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I was a great day for Hikes and special people.

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