Petroglyphs HIKE Reviewed

August 15, 2011

About 60 people showed up in Sanilac county, for the PETROGLYPHS Hike. An amazing place of the only known Native Rock carvings in Michigan. The kindness and help from the State Historical Society allowed us access into the Pavilion to get a very close look at the rock carvings. Pat was there with Tricia to greet everyone and answer questions. The day before our Hike, they groomed the trails in the Park, so we had a wonderful and easy Hike around the Park afterwards. Just spectacular work ladies! Thank You so much for making things so good for our Group here.

Seen alot along the trails as well as the amazing Petroglyphs under the Pavilion. Cardinal flowers along the Cass river. One of the redest flowers around. A huge Mud-Wasp nest, all the great stops on the tour……Twin Tree,, 300 year old Pine tree, the Potholes, and other Glyphs around the Park Trails.

I was surprised to see that most people went a little further north, after the Hike and made it to Caseville, for Cheeseburger Week Festival. A big Thank You goes out to our friends at Ponchoe Burgers, for their $80.00 is food coupons for our Group to get some food at the Festival. Lots of people there! Sand Castle competition along the Beach, Music, Food galore, and of course…..every kind of Cheeseburger you could think of. Some of us stayed as late as 7:30pm, before heading home. Very relaxing ride home through the old Michigan Farm country and roads. I hope everyone had as much fun as our car full of people had. We laughed all the home with stories from the day and the Festival.

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