Sanilac Petroglyphs HIKE 8/13/11

August 8, 2011

It’s here…..our road trip to the Sanilac Petroglyphs. Saturday, 8/13/11, we will be meeting at 18 mile rd. & Van Dyke rd. at 9:30am to Caravan/Car pool to the Petroglyphs. We will be leaving 10am sharp from that parking lot on the S.E. corner. We will arrive approximately 11:30am at the Sanilac Petroglyphs Park, and be met by the State Historian, who will allow us very close access to the Native Rock Carvings. We will also take a short Hike on the 2 mile Trail loop and see more features of the Park.
Around 2pm, we will head to the city of Caseville, nearby and enjoy some food at the infamous “Cheeseburger Week” Festivities taking place this week. One of the longtime Vendors there has offered money-off coupons for us to eat in town. We will relax, enjoy some of the Festivities and leave to head home around 5pm.
The ride there and back will take us through old Farm country, small MI. towns and a couple of Amish communities. This is an all day Event if you partake in everything we have planned. Everyone is welcome to just join us at the Park for the Petroglyphs viewing and Hike. The “CheeseBurger Week” food and fun afterwards is not manditory. But highly recommended!
I suggest that everyone joining us for the day, download the Flyer, where we have spelled out some of the time tables for the Event. Some people are Caravaning with us, and others are coming in from different directions and will be meeting us at the Park. So keeping our set time tables will be important to get everyone at the Park, at the right time to meet the Historian and our guide.
The Sanilac Petroglyphs is a very special and unique place in Michigan, and the ONLY Native Rock carvings in our state.
Download the HIKE Flyer here:   SANILAC PETROGLYPHS HIKE



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