Hog Backs Park HIKE Reviewed

August 7, 2011

Mike led a good Hike at the Hog Backs. Very UNIQUE Park! Cannot wait to get back there and truly explore some of the off-trail creek cuts and spine ridges at the Park.

CONGRATS to all the hikers who…..after the first 10 minutes of hiking, got completely soaked with a downpour. It actually cooled things off a bit. Some tuff hiking at times, on some of the muddy hills, but such a beautiful place, I think most people ignored these moments.

BIG THANKS to Larry & Rosie for a wonderful Campside vittles feats and relaxing around their campsite near the Park. Great way to end the day!

I have to say on a personal note……it was very different playing the sweeper at the Hike and not leading. I see now why many people just relax and depend on the trail Leader for directions. I relaxed at the back of the group, let Mike do his Trail leading, and I was completely lost most of the time. 🙂 I depended on Mike to guide us. It was very relaxing to just follow the leader and gawk at my surroundings. I get it now. 🙂

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