August HIKES Schedule

July 24, 2011

We have some interesting Hikes and Activities planned for August and Sepyember. In August we start in a far away Genesee Co. Park called the “HOG BACKS”. An interesting geological park with some very different terrains then most of the S.E.MI. parks. Then it’s the Pteroglyphs Day-trip and “CheeseBurger week festival day, for the group. Our annual FEN visit to Seven Lakes State Park, closes off the months with a unique visit to a rare place that has many Orchids, carniverous Pitcher plants and other species that only exist in this unique environment, a FEN.

Still being put together is our September schedule. Confirmed so far is our Native Flute & Drum GATHERING/Campfire/ and Voyager Canoe experience at Oakwoods Nature Center, and our always exciting Holly Night-HIKE/Campfire in the full-moon. We close off the month with the Fall Festival at Holland Ponds Park.

Two months of interesting, unique and fun-filled Hikes and Activities. Join us for some of these gatherings. You will not reghret it. See You all out on the Trails.

You can download the August HIKES Schedule here:  HIKES SCHEDULE


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