Womens Safety Guide sheets

July 21, 2011

Well….we have tallyed all of your suggestions and ideas connected with a safer outdoor experience for not only women, but everyone. Hiking Michigan would like to thank all of you outdoors people who participated in helping us put together ideas and suggestion to make everyone’s outdoor experience a safe and enjoyable one.

It has been an interesting month of emails, on-line postings and our Womens Safety Hike discussions. Many varied opinions on this subject. Everything from total fear of a wmen heading into the forest alone, to no fear what so ever in traveling anywhere in our Park systems as a women alone. So this subject has produced many faces with many solutions and suggestions.

No matter how you may feel on this subject, it is never a bad thing to share the experience and knowledge of other trail and Park users, and to be prepared when heading out into the outdoors. With that in mind, we put together the many ideas and suggestions from you outdoors people, into a 2 page Guides sheet for Womens Safety in the Outdoors. This can be applied to everyone as well as just women in the outdoors.

We hope this Guide will be of assistance in educated people and giving a good sense of safety and encouragement to all of those who have let certain things stop them from venturing into the Outdoors. There is much to be gained from an outdoors experience, and anything that restricts that, needs to be addressed or fixed. So GO GET OUTDOORS! It is for EVERYONE!

You can download the 2 page Guide for Womens Safety in the Outdoors here: WOMENS SAFEY GUIDE


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